Company Presentation

Business Presentation Creation

Business is all about selling and marketing, whether it be a product, a service, or an idea. We put your business on a professional looking video to share with the globe and reach your target customers locally and internationally.

When making a business presentation, the most important asset you have at your disposal is knowledge of your material. If you don't know everything about what you are selling, it's unlikely your audience will feel confident enough to buy and this is our mission with you from script until video delivery.

Reasons why video is key

Increase purchase intent.

This one is for the business-minded folks. Surveys show that customers respond overwhelmingly more favorably to video ads than to print or banner ones. It’s become the way of the Web to hook people with pre-roll ads before their favorite TV shows or viral videos. If you’re presenting to a potential client, it’s worth investing in these methods of persuasion and brand awareness that have established a new landscape for marketers to reach people .

Video is more persuasive than other types of content.

Because the human brain requires emotional input to make decisions. No technology is better at conveying emotion than video. This is due to the fact that video caters to both the brains’ visual and auditory systems, picking up on cues like body language, facial expressions, imagery and music. This can elicit an emotional bond that will influence a person’s choices or action.

According to MarketingCharts.

more than 60 percent of consumers will spend at least two minutes watching a video that educates them about a product they plan to purchase.